One Click Smile Toothpaste Tablets (Fluoride-Free Strawberry)
One Click Smile Toothpaste Tablets (Fluoride-Free Strawberry)
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One Click Smile Toothpaste Tablets (Fluoride-Free Strawberry)

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One Click Smile Strawberry Toothpaste 30 Tablets is developed specially to have a natural strawberry flavour without the fluoride ingredient. Has a gentle blend of ingredients that removes plaque and cleans mouth effectively.


Eco-friendly Toothpaste Tablets – Our tablets contain the same ingredients as traditional toothpaste but are free of unhealthy chemicals, artificial colors, and the unnecessary water. Best of all they're made and packaged with materials that are environmentally friendly which not harm our planet.

More Convenient and Hygienic – Toothpaste tablets are very transportable for everyday use. You can bring a single-use tablet instead of carrying a tube with you. Plus, toothpaste tablets are hygienic and don’t cause much of a mess as compared to a toothpaste tube that involve leaky liquids.

Promotes Oral Health – Has natural flavours and effective ingredients that help improve overall oral health. It gives you fresh breath that lasts. It may also help whiten your teeth and prevent gum diseases.

Easy Storage and On-the-Go –Suitable for daily use at home or on vacation. Small and portable size lets you carry a single-use tablet rather than a tube which can be cumbersome for daily use.

  1. Chew 1 tablet in your mouth
  2. Take a wet toothbrush and brush as normal for 2 minutes twice daily.
  3. Rinse your mouth well and you are off to an awesome start.



One Click closer to a more sustainable Earth

One Click Smile is dedicated to pushing for sustainable products for oral health. Our products are not only professional-dental-grade, but they are also a showcase of our effort to make the world a better place for years to come and a symbol of hope for future generations.

We know that toothpaste tubes are made of plastic and are not easily recycled. But did you know that millions and millions of toothpaste tubes end up in landfills every year and it takes 500 years for each toothpaste tube to fully breakdown.

With the use of toothpaste tubes, our carbon footprint has increased significantly in the previous decades. Therefore, along with providing premium oral health products, we also make our contribution to making our world a better place by creating innovative products that we can produce for decades to come.

May it be on product, packaging, or even our shipping materials, we always make sure they are more sustainable than traditional options. We hope that we inspire as many as we can in this endeavor and together let us make our contribution to a more sustainable planet!