On teeth Whitening: Higher Versus Lower Percentage of Hydrogen Peroxide

Home teeth whitening products and dental office services are in demand considering the number of people who desire a set of pearly-white teeth.

home teeth whitening

Nowadays, a new treatment is gradually getting more famous as it promises easier yet faster whitening properties. This involves the application of a solution with hydrogen peroxide and the use of LED Light to fasten its whitening process.


home teeth whitening


But as many people become more curious about this treatment, just how safe and effective is this? What are the precautions needed and are there any risks involved?

 Answers to such questions may vary from brand to brand. Most of the gels included in the kits promoted in the market contain hydrogen peroxide- one of the most renounce and scientifically proven teeth whitening solution there is.


home teeth whitening


However, different brands usually have different levels of concentrations & mixtures that requires conversion into active ingredients after a period of time, to actually whiten your teeth. If you aren't careful about examining the product and its fomulation, your teeth might get more damaged.


You see, hydrogen peroxide is scientifically proven to whiten teeth by 2-8 shades as it can remove outer (extrinsic) stains on the enamel break the chemical bonds of stain molecules within. Due to this, some people use higher hydrogen peroxide concentration thinking it will eliminate stain molecules faster and thus achieve whiter teeth faster too.


home teeth whitening


Unfortunately in doing so, hydrogen peroxide can permeate through your enamel & into the yellowish dentin exposing the dentinal tubules which is full of nerve endings that supply blood & sensation to the tooth, hence the pain of sensitive teeth & possible commencing of decays.


home teeth whitening


Nobody wants that, right? 


To avoid this One Click Smile uses only 6% of the hydrogen peroxide as we want all our customers to experience a Happy, Comfortable, Pain Free, Easy, Convenient product to use which will give them a Confident, Bright White Smile. 


home teeth whitening


While it is true that this lower percentage will necessitate a longer period to effect, it is safer than in-office bleaching, and will still oxidize in 10 minutes once applied in the teeth compared to carbamide peroxide that needs at least 20 minutes to get corroded.

How then can we say this type of treatment is as fast as in-office services?

See, this process uses an LED light to ensure that despite the lower concentration of hydrogen peroxide used in the gel, teeth will still be shades whiter in just 10 minutes!


home teeth whitening

Low concentration of hydrogen peroxide may take a while longer to efficiently whiten the teeth, but that is only if it is on its own. The use of LED light will enable the solution to penetrate the enamel and dentin to break the stain molecules in just 10 minutes even with lower concentration.


And what's more?


As everyone is busy in this fast paced technological based world, a lot of people dont have the luxury of time to get teeth whitening treatments, right? One Click Smile Kits then promote a treatment that it is portable and easier to use! You can use this kit anywhere and anytime, thanks to technology.


home teeth whitening


One Click Smile’s LED Light accelerator can be plugged into any USB outlet, Android phone, Ipad or an Iphone and so effective teeth whitening can be done while exercising, texting, cooking, washing dishes, hanging out clothes, reading a book, surfing the web, doing your hair, wearing makeup, getting ready for a party, or just about anything you typically do.

home teeth whitening

This treatment takes only 10 minutes per day for 6 days straight and is more affordable than dental office treatments which can cost you $800 - $1400 per session. With OneClickSmile, on the other hand, you can see the results after every session done in 6 days. Teeth shade charts are also provided so you may check your progress!


Hope you found this article helpful!





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