Do you Have Advice for Parents Who Want to Start Teaching Their Kids How to Whiten Their Teeth?

Teeth whitening procedures aren’t usually recommended for children, but there are some kid-safe practices that can help young people maintain healthy and bright teeth. We asked a panel of professionals to share their ideas. Read on to learn more.

Sarah Sherren

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Brushing and flossing regularly

Parents should start by telling their kids that brushing and flossing regularly will make their teeth whiter. It might not be very noticeable, but keeping good oral hygiene habits does keep teeth looking nice. They should also teach kids that sodas and other drinks with dyes could stain their teeth if they drink them a lot.

After turning 12, children are often eligible for at-home whitening kits, and parents should help their kids choose the best type of treatment for them. Looking at teeth whitening reviews can be helpful as well as looking for companies with unique options that will fit their lifestyle.

Daniel Carter

Daniel Carter

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The benefit of fruit

Encourage your kids to eat fruits that are known for improving dental health. That includes pineapple and strawberry. These fruits have the essential components that can contribute to the color of your teeth.

Strawberries contain malic acid, which is known for effective removal of discoloration on teeth, making them look whiter. On the other hand, pineapples have bromelain, which is effective for removing stains on teeth.

Eating any fruit is always a good thing for your oral health as it could help in rubbing off plaque from your teeth as you chew it, and besides the benefit of what fruit can do for teeth, it can also provide essential nutrients the body needs.

Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla

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The benefit of vegetables

First of all, I wouldn’t encourage anyone under the age of 14 to start teeth whitening procedures, and they should only use whiteners with safe levels of hydrogen peroxide.

Ultimately, steering clear of acidic foods, such as meat, soft drinks, and even dairy is going to result in a more sustainable approach to teeth whitening. These acidic foods can cause discoloration and weaken enamel. Once a tooth’s enamel is worn down, it can become susceptible to bacteria, infection, and cavities.

Steering clear of fast and processed foods (which are acidic and high in sucrose) will encourage better tooth health. Plus, it’s important to get enough calcium, but milk can be acidic too. Rich foods like beans and legumes can strengthen enamel and balance your diet. Foods like root vegetables, leafy greens, and celery are also not only nutritious but fibrous to help clean teeth.

If you have to use a whitening product, why not try mashing up strawberries with some bicarbonate of soda to create a safe, easy-to-use home whitening remedy?

Bradley Keys

Bradley Keys

Bradley Keys, Marketing Director for PatchMD.

Dental hygiene

The best way for parents to encourage their kids to whiten their teeth is to introduce the dentist as a friend. Parents should explain to their kids that the dentist is someone who wants to help in keeping their teeth healthy and strong. Making the routine trip to the dentist an interesting and fun experience for kids will not only encourage better dental hygiene but will also serve as an opportunity for them to learn and understand how to take care of their teeth.

There are benefits for parents, too, as the dentist can educate them and give them professional advice on methods and products that are safe to use for children, as well as give tips on how to best reinforce good dental hygiene at home.

Alicia Hough

Alicia Hough

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Tell them the reason why

Sometimes the reason why kids fail to do what we ask them is that we sound imperative, when in fact we are just concerned about their wellbeing. When we tell them the reasons why we ask them to do something, such as brushing their teeth or taking a bath, it will make them feel that such is a responsibility and that whether they do it or not, it's them who will benefit or suffer, and not us.

Don't be too harsh on them. It's the first time that they will learn to do such a thing, and we have to understand that it might feel overwhelming on their end at first, but they will learn how essential it is when it becomes their routine.

James Bullard

James Bullard

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Use fruit peels to whiten their teeth

We all love fruit, especially kids. Teach [kids] that besides eating the flesh of the fruit, they can also use their peels to whiten their teeth. Children love new discoveries.

The most common fruit peels for teeth whitening are banana, orange, and lemon peels. These peels contain citric acid that can remove stains on the surface of your teeth.

Doing this is very easy. Just teach them how to rub the peels on their teeth for two minutes. Then, ask them to wash their mouth and follow it with a toothbrush.

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