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Why aren’t my teeth white anymore?

Have you looked at a baby’s teeth lately? They’re so perfectly pearly! Most of us would love to return to that beautiful white tooth shade, but certain things get in the way:

  • Aging. As people age, the enamel starts to thin, revealing the dentin that is inside of the teeth. The dentin is filled with pulp that gives it a yellowish color. The less enamel, the more you see of this yellowed dentin.
  • Smoking. Smoking is bad for many aspects of our health, and it doesn’t do any favors to our appearance either. It can decrease oxygen to our skin, which, in turn, decreases blood circulation. This causes skin to dry out and look weathered and wrinkly. The tars in smoking can also stain the teeth, turning them a dark yellow or brown shade (to say nothing of smoking’s contribution to gum disease and mouth cancer).
  • Diet. Coffee, tea, red wine—they’re a part of life that many people enjoy, but they can discolor your smile. Soda is also a big contributor to discolored teeth.
  • Grinding. Many people grind their teeth at night as a way to work out the stresses of the day, and they may not even be aware that they are doing it. This can wear away the enamel, giving way to brittle, yellow teeth.
  • Mouthwash. Mouthwash is good for you, right? Well, sort of. Some mouthwash products contain ingredients like chlorhexidine and cetylpyridinium chloride that can erode tooth enamel.
  • Medication. Some antibiotics can stain teeth, and treatments like chemotherapy and radiation can cause chemical reactions in the body that will also discolor teeth.

“We did it, and we loved it”
Consider these examples of people who have benefited from our teeth whitening solutions:

  • Monique. Monique went to great lengths to smile without showing her teeth. She was insecure about their discoloration and the gap between her front teeth. It lowered her self-esteem and made her feel less worthy of others’ love. Though a discolored smile may have seemed trivial to others, she began fixating on this shortcoming, which, in turn, held her back from doing those things she wanted to do out of fear of rejection. At-home teeth whitening provided a non-invasive and affordable way to take control of her thoughts—and it was much easier than expected. With several treatments, she could flash her bright smile with confidence and break free from her negative thought cycle.
  • Angela. Angela has been stuck at home due to the pandemic. During this time, safety concerns have kept her from going to the dentist. She misses doing the things she used to love—things that kept her active and socializing with others. She misses conversation and human touch. Our teeth whitening kit gave her a jolt of positivity during a difficult time. When she felt deprived of many things, it was a bit of self-care that went a long way in lifting her spirits and filling her with motivation to exercise and de-clutter her house. Her bright smile reminded her that brighter days were ahead.
  • Shane. Shane is a teacher, husband, and father of two who loves to influence young lives and stay active and healthy. Teachers everywhere have spent a lot of time staring into Zoom cameras lately, and that has brought them face to face with aspects of their appearance that they would like to improve. Shane wants to make the best impression possible to help engage young learners. Teeth whitening has helped him look as vibrant and healthy as possible so that he can teach with confidence.

Why One Click Smile?
In-chair teeth whitening at the dentist’s office can be prohibitively expensive—not to mention time-consuming because it requires you to return for multiple treatments. On the other hand, at-home treatments can fail to achieve the results that you want, and some can even be harmful.

Our founder, Tanaz Warden, made it her mission to find a better solution. She drew on her years of expertise gained as a dental hygienist as well as extensive research on teeth whitening methodologies. The result is a safe and simple teeth whitening system that achieves professional results at an affordable price.

The kit uses blue lights and pen applicators (no messy trays required) and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee. It contains the perfect amount of hydrogen peroxide—enough to provide desired lightening, but not so much that it will erode the enamel or harm the gums. It requires just six applications, each requiring 10 minutes, and can lighten teeth by two to eight shades.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your appearance to look your best on dating websites, trying to reverse the signs of smoking, heading out for job interviews or getting ready for a special event, our teeth-whitening kits can help you flash those pearly whites with renewed confidence.

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